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  #MCCOTInterview {43} Daphne Palmitessa, the  Florence-based v isual storytelling, content creator and lifestyle blogger who celebrates the world's harmony and beauty Storytelling is an Art. And Daphne Palmitessa is a true Artist. A visual one. Founder and curator of a popular and niche lifestyle blog  and talented content creator for more than a decade, the Umbria-born and Florence-based mum of two and skilled PR and marketing specialist has become the perfect entertainer for her virtual community. Sharing her travel experiences, her beloved outfits, her arty and literary crushes. Always with style and with a one-of-kind aesthetic and creative eye. Introducing her followers her special personal world. Celebrating slow fashion, tourism and food. Collaborating on special projects with brands which share her ethical and professional values. Connecting with other beautiful human beings and talented creatives such as Susanna Moretti, the Rome-based fashion designer, founder and crea

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